Long Shadow Sheep are an independent folk-rock band, hailing from Massachusetts. Following the release of a debut record, titled ‘Violins’, singer/songwriter Brady O’Keefe moved back to his hometown of Franklin, MA, where he would soon form Long Shadow Sheep. The additions of drummer, Matt Zajac as well as bassist, Doug Buckley brought the musical project in a new direction, both sonically and stylistically. Several months later, Nick Sabet was herded to the flock as a lead guitar player to solidify the band’s lineup as it stands today. Blending poetic, grass-roots folk with unapologetic, progressive indie-rock, Long Shadow Sheep’s music is described as soulful, elaborate and always authentic.

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Long Shadow Sheep can also be found on instagram (@longshadowsheep) as well as Youtube and Facebook.

” I grew up in Franklin, a suburban town in southern Massachusetts. I began privately writing music in my early teenage years, hoping I would eventually strengthen my abilities enough to feel comfortable sharing my songs with the world outside of my bedroom. At 19, I decided to drop out of college in New York after two frustrating years, and instead devote my time to furthering my own music. I have spent the entirety of my time since then honing my writing and musicianship and developing some type of artistic voice. Over the last year & a half, my main focus has been creating an album with which I hope to expand my audience and establish myself as an independent artist. I wrote, recorded, mixed & mastered my first record, Violins, on my own over the course of two years, in some of the least-ideal conditions possible. Following the release of the album, I moved from New York back to Massachusetts.

Now, with the recent formation of Long Shadow Sheep, I am happier than ever in my pursuits. Despite all of the doubtfulness and apprehension I experienced during my time in New York, I couldn’t be happier with this quiet little corner where my band and I have ended up. With a talented and reliable team in my corner, I now see a much brighter future and a much clearer path for my music.

Thanks so much for stopping by. ”

-Brady O’Keefe