Long Shadow Sheep are an independent folk-rock band hailing from Massachusetts. Following the release of a solo record, titled ‘Violins’, singer/songwriter Brady O’Keefe moved from New York back to his hometown of Franklin, MA, where he would recruit long-time friends Matt Zajac (drummer) and Doug Buckley (bassist) to extend the performance capabilities of his acoustic-based material. The creation of the new, collaborative group brought the musical project in a new direction, both sonically and energetically. Several months later, guitarist & songwriter, Nick Sabet, was chosen as a new lead guitar player, bringing a highly-refined and versatile skillset that would open new doors for the band’s abilities to orchestrate and evolve an original sound.

   “Long Shadow Sheep” was chosen as a new moniker, deriving from an obscure, hand-drawn poster, which had been hung in O’Keefe’s bedroom(s) for several years. Combining their diverse influences of folk, progressive, funk and classic rock music, Long Shadow Sheep soon found a strong chemistry, seeking to challenge themselves creatively and technically. After a series of very successful live performances in the greater Boston area, the band began to gain a local reputation as an unpredictable, dynamic and passionate live act.  Displaying high levels of disciplined musicianship, as well as heartfelt & vulnerable lyricism, Long Shadow Sheep’s unique approach keeps a foot in both the past and future of rock music; music that is described as soulful, daring and always authentic.

   Additional friends and fellow-musicians are often included in the live and studio works of Long Shadow Sheep. Jay Tiernan (from solo project J4YB12D) joins the band on-stage with harmony vocals and percussion work. Marli Delaney, the Long Island native (who had appeared throughout Brady O’Keefe’s prior works), often joins the band as well, providing beautiful vocal accompaniment as well as a wide variety of instrumentation (keyboards, mandolin, flute, kalimba – to name a few).

Since the formation of Long Shadow Sheep, the band has found success in crafting new, original music that encompasses the eclectic variety of their experiences and influences. In August of 2019, the Sheep released a debut single/EP, recorded during a live-session at the iZotope HQ building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The album, titled, iZotope Live Sessions, captures the band’s sound in a raw and transparent way and bears three original works that display the compositional prowess they had developed in the year prior. Long Shadow Sheep were invited to perform at NOS Alive Festival in Lisbon, Portugal in the Summer of 2019, providing their music with international exposure and broadening their audience. The band continues to perform at a wide variety of venues and they are currently writing and recording the material for their first studio release, tentatively scheduled for completion in late 2019/early 2020.

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Long Shadow Sheep can also be found on instagram (@longshadowsheep) as well as Youtube and Facebook.