Guitar Lessons

I offer private guitar instruction for players of any age in the Metro-west Massachusetts area (I live in Franklin). I have been playing for close to 10 years & began giving lessons 4 years ago. I am a passionate musician & a published singer-songwriter (you can find my work on any major streaming service, or through the “Sounds” tab on the top of this site).

The biggest reason why I am inspired to teach others is due to the amount of frustration I notice among so many beginner players that inhibits them from wishing to push forward with the guitar. I was once in the same position when I first started playing, so I understand the physical and mental challenges that a beginner will struggle with. While there are some unavoidable hurdles a new player must overcome, I believe there is a more intuitive & enjoyable way to get over them before the guitar is put in the closet for good.

Most guitar instructors follow the same, rudimentary procedure when working with a novice player. Unfortunately, these rudimentary challenges can be daunting to a student, making the guitar seem more like a chore and less like an entertaining hobby. Over time, my approach to teaching will cover these important core-principles of the instrument, but in a way that is rewarding & motivating for the student. My first objective is to get the player comfortable with both myself & the instrument. I find it is beneficial to allow the student’s own musical interests & taste guide the direction of our curriculum. After all, there is a reason why somebody has chosen to learn, & there is no better direction to begin heading than towards their own ambitions.

The guitar is a MUSICAL instrument, so I want to get the student playing MUSIC they enjoy as quickly as possible! I have had many years of music theory education and technical training, but the biggest improvements in my playing have resulted from independently learning songs and curiously exploring the instrument. I never refer to playing the guitar as “practicing”, because that can make the guitar feel like homework. I was lucky enough to have been taught in a way that would make me want to finish my school homework, so that I could pick up my guitar to relax. The very last thing the guitar should be for a student is a burden. There is an endless amount of ways the guitar can be used, & I have found that once a player begins learning some real songs, the technical knowledge begins to be introduced naturally and practically.

I have successfully guided many beginner players, as well as intermediate players, into a much more musical, passionate & entertaining relationship with the guitar. If you or your child is interested in truly moving forward as a guitarist, I believe my method is the most effective way to do so. Playing guitar has changed my life immensely, and I could never recommend taking this important first step enough.

Please contact me with any inquiries & see below for further details!

If you come to me$20 per hour  or   $18 per 45 minutes
If I am going to you:  $25 per hour  or   $20 per 45 minutes
– First lesson is half price!
– I am located in Franklin, MA. I am open to negotiating prices to meet the needs of my students. Contact me and we will work something out that works for us both.

– Currently, I have open availabilities every day of the week, with the exception of Thursdays.
– Lessons can be weekly or biweekly.

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Brady O’Keefe