Music Production

Brady O’Keefe

•Recording  •Producing  •Mixing  •Mastering
•Instrumentation  •Writing  •Arranging
•Sound Design  •Audio Restoration


With over 10 years of intensive, hands-on experience in audio engineering & music production, I have developed the knowledge and abilities to yield results that are truly professional-grade. Additionally, I pride myself in the unique & captivating sonic qualities that make each piece of music I work on stand out in the competitive & crowded music marketplace we find ourselves in.

Being a dedicated & passionate musician & songwriter, I approach any given project in the most musical way possible. I am well-trained in music theory, & a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse and comprehensive musical palette & a finely tuned ear. Unlike many modern producers & engineers, my audio education has always been driven by my real-world experiences. Over the span of my time in audio engineering, trial and error have ultimately been the driving force behind my research and subsequent improvement.

My diligent and detail-oriented work ethic goes hand-in-hand with my endless love for making music. My curiosity inspires me to never stop exploring the world of audio & always go the extra mile to make sure a song jumps out of the speakers in a way that both I and my client are proud of.

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Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any tasks you would like to hire me for. I accept jobs of all genres and sizes. Email me with any questions you may have, or if you’d like to know a but more about what I can do for your music.

Note: I am located in Franklin, Massachusetts and therefore can only offer my RECORDING services to clients that are able to come to me. For ALL OTHER SERVICES (mixing, mastering etc) location is NOT an issue!

Please use the form below to contact me, directly.